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During this all-day-long workshop, organized by King’s College London, the participants had the chance to produce a 20×20 cm mosaic, made with marble on board (direct technic).

As a start, everyone had some time to practice with the cutting, with the hammer and hardie: after that some geo

metric design was produced and transferred on the wooden board, and we had agreed it had to include a frame element of some sort.

Having all the tesserae cut and sorted by colour, the students started assembling the actual mosaic, following precise rules regarding alignment and andamento: we used cement based adhesive and just a touch of prime

r at the end, to seal the surface.

All the 24 mosaic were finally assembled into a bigger piece (80×80 cm), and the result was stunning: just the time to take some celebratory picture, and then everyone could take home their very own Roman mosaic, made with the same materials and tools that our ancestors would have used.